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With the pandemic, many single parents are having a difficult time managing their full time jobs in order to maintain basic standard of living while doing homeschooling. I currently work 50 hours plus an additional 20 hours of homeschooling, which is sub-par to a normal education because I am not equipped, nor have the skill set, to be a kindergarten teacher. I am stressed out and am not performing well at either task. This is on top of the anxiety and stress associated with the pandemic.

We need an education budget for small tutoring groups for parents in your district to hire tutors for small groups of children to lead through remote learning and provide enriched education while the public schools remain closed. There is no such resource at the moment. There is also no way to get information about small tutoring groups. Norway for example, has education outdoors rain or shine. This is a perfect example of a school model for a pandemic, especially in a city (and a distric) in which the school buildings are falling apart and do not meet standard health codes due to years of neglect. This is your responsibility.

The DOE is trying as hard as they can to provide students with adequate education. A lot of students in your district are without access to internet for remote learning, which is at the moment, mandatory. In turn, a lot of students will fall behind and/or fail their grade. This is also your responsibility.

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