Outdoor STEAM Learning with Beam Center – ft. Beam Truck! 5/5 (4)

Beam Center can offer Future Humans projects in outdoor learning environments throughout the District. We provided this program, which involves hands-on STEM learning kits, free of charge to over 400 middle and high school students this summer. We’d love to bring this program directly to youth in District 39. We can use our tricked-out Beam Truck to safely provide Outdoor Learning at parks, playgrounds, school yards or community centers. We are open to collaborating with other organizations or schools in the district (or really anywhere in NYC.) Request for Support would be for Program Services (materials kits, and/or staff if allowed) – the capital expense of the truck has already been supported by Beam Center. (www.beamcenter.org)

Future Humans Program: https://beamcenter.org/futurehumans

Link with Beam Truck activities this summer. https://madmimi.com/p/fd56311?pact=709552-159807579-9343551507-4793b5de7f7b8ea8a88f0e2c9fbeb6739ad0ea57

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