Reactivating 155 Lincoln Place Lot: Eco-Friendly Multipurpose Space at BKCM No ratings yet.

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music recently acquired a neglected lot (155 Lincoln Place) adjacent to BKCM’s building and garden at the corner of 7th Avenue and Lincoln Place. As the lot has been unused for many years, gated off on all sides and overgrown with untended plants, BKCM is excited to reclaim the lot and bring it back into the public realm as a flexible, multi-use green space.

BKCM has already invested heavily in reactivating this site for public use, working with landscape architects to develop a sustainable design plan that includes native plants, shrubs and trees; pollinator gardens for bees, insects, and birds; and rain gardens to collect and cleanse stormwater runoff. Currently, BKCM is preparing the land for immediate use to alleviate urgent pandemic-related space constraints at the Conservatory. Looking ahead, though, we want to take the next steps toward enhancing the site’s usability and flexibility.

With this in mind, BKCM is seeking out support from the Participatory Budgeting process to install an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, modular classroom, office, and event space at the back of the 155 Lincoln Place lot. Built out of repurposed shipping containers and salvaged wood, this low-footprint structure would allow the lot to serve not only as a valuable green space but also as a site where community members can gather, play, and enjoy a wide variety of events and performances. Recognizing that multi-use outdoor community and event space is limited in our area, we’re excited about the prospect of activating this site in a way that brings a variety of meaningful benefits to our block, our neighborhood, and the community at large.

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