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I am an instructors under American Heart Association (AHA) and have been teaching since 2005. My instructors and I teach at private schools, JCC, 14 Street Y and we hold parents/caregiver. We also teach doctors and nurses. I find that it would be extremely beneficial to our community if we teach our teens, moms, caregivers basic CPR and first aid. We see so many accidents that are preventable! Teens need to learn these basic skills before they start babysitting, in fact, they should all graduate high school with this training! With this training, our community would be a safer place.

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There are literally thousands of dog owners who use Prospect Park to run their dogs off leash. Right now, they are limited to early morning before 9 AM. They make up the majority of park users, especially after Labor Day and before Memorial Day, and they make the park safer for all users. There is an area off PPW which is currently surrounded on 3 sides by a fence which separates a Dept of Parks Vehicle Garage. Dog walkers currently are the only users, limited to before 9 AM. Virtually no non dog owner ever uses this area. By fencing off the area on its remaining one unfenced side, it is perfect for an all day dog run without much expense and with little change to current usage or appearance. Literally thousands of dog owners would use this area all day without any disruption at small cost, which dog owners would share in providing. FIDO might be willing to sponsor it. A win win proposal for all parties, with gratitude from thousands of dogs and their owners.

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