District Committee

What is the District Committee?
The primary purpose of the District Committee (DC) is to work with Council Member Lander and his staff to set the vision and goals for Participatory Budgeting (PB) in the 39th District, make key decisions about the process, and execute those decisions (including planning and implementation of neighborhood assemblies, expo, vote, outreach, and coordination of delegate committees).

Who Are We?
We’re volunteers from the neighborhood!  Some of us have been a part of the process from the very beginning, and some of us just got involved last year.  We’ve been delegates, facilitators, and voters, just like you.

Our District Committee Members — and why they love Participatory Budgeting!

Jason Boutin, Park Slope
In addition to being a innovative tool for democracy, Participatory Budgeting, (aka: The Peoples Budget) is a unique form of civic engagement that requires no special expertise in order to be involved. Yet, it yields tangible results that can greatly enhance the daily lives of our neighbors.

Hasiba Haq, Kensington
I love PB because it empowers community members to redefine how government works for them. Constituents get to dream bigger, learn about the inner workings of government and reimagine what our communities can look like when money isn’t a limitation.

Travis Hardy, Park Slope
I love PB for the opportunity to get to know folks all across the district, to hear different perspectives on our neighborhoods, and to come together to dream big about ways to improve our community.

Aamnah Khan, Kensington
PB promotes local leadership! Constituents choose a level they are comfortable with by: submitting an idea, researching proposals, voting, facilitating meetings, or participating on a committee. As delegates, for example, constituents learn more about how city agencies function, but break the bureaucratic norm by challenging the city’s recommendations with their own. Despite the process being voluntary, my district nearing Cycle 10 is proof that constituents are committed to addressing the inequity in their communities.

Nell Mermin, Park Slope
What I’ve loved about PB is the sense of empowerment and engagement it’s given me over my years of participation. I’ve interacted and worked with people from our local schools and neighborhoods I’d never have met otherwise. We’re linked in trying to identify and research needs, and then in bringing projects to fruition. The beauty is then seeing these projects materialize, and knowing not only that they’re meeting real need, but that they’re coming about through a process in which we’ve all participated. It’s a feeling of connection, of being “in on” the process, and a source of real insight into the workings of local government.

Kathy Park Price, Gowanus
Kathy is the mom of two and believes civic engagement should be a family activitiy.  She loves Participatory Budgeting because the projects and process reflect our community’s values.  That any neighbor 11 years old can help decide what projects become reality invites family participation.

Celina Su, Park Slope
I love PB because it is the spark for something bigger– a way for us to connect with our neighbors, articulate our concerns, and demand more from government.

Emily Walker, Park Slope
I love PB because it connects everyday New Yorkers with the process of improving their communities, and gives them the chance to directly decide on how City funding is allocated.

Ayesha Rahim, Kensington
Ayesha is a community advocate in Brooklyn where she currently volunteers with New York Asian Women’s Center and New York Cares.  She has also previously served in different volunteer capacities at PS 130 and MS 442. Ayesha is enthusiastic about sharing PB knowledge and educate communities about getting involved in shaping local government policies.