2018 District Committee

What is the District Committee?
The primary purpose of the District Committee (DC) is to work with Council Member Lander and his staff to set the vision and goals for Participatory Budgeting (PB) in the 39th District, make key decisions about the process, and execute those decisions (including planning and implementation of neighborhood assemblies, expo, vote, outreach, and coordination of delegate committees).

Who Are We?
We’re volunteers from the neighborhood!  Some of us have been a part of the process from the very beginning, and some of us just got involved last year.  We’ve been delegates, facilitators, and voters, just like you.

Name: Rachael Fauss
Years Participating: 8 years
“PB is the future of democracy in the US – I couldn’t miss being a part of it!”

Name: Eric Horvath
Years Participating: 3
“I want to help create a world where equity is a fact of life, not something we’re constantly considering, talking about, or–on our least intentional days– ignoring; given its core tenants, I believe Participatory Budgeting moves our district  closer to that vision.”

Name: Erin Hyland
Years Participating: 2 years
“PB provides an opportunity for neighbors to work together to surface needs, prioritize spending, direct how their resources are invested, and build community.”

Name: Claire Foley
Years Participating: 3 years
“I love PB because it is inclusive and accessible to all.”

Name: Travis Hardy
Years participating in PB: 1
“I love how PB brings all citizens’ ideas, creativity, and expressed needs into governmental decision-making and spending, while building bridges between community members and groups throughout the months-long process.”

Name: Isaac Rauch
Years participating: 2
“PB has the feel of a casual conversation—but it has the impact of well-coordinated advocacy, and the budget of a major city.”

Name: Yen Chiang
Years participating in PB: 1 year
“I love PB because everyone in the community can have their voice counted and shape where they live.”

Jason Boutin
Years participating in PB: 7
“I love how the PB process makes it easy for everyone to engage, in so many different ways, without requiring any prior knowledge or skill, and often the result is a tangible benefit to their community.” 
Veronica Fischmann

Marie Lemerise

Caron Atlas


Hasiba Haq

Josh Mack

Patricia Jerido

Nell Mermin

Christa Paterline

Kwame Anthony

Arlette Mathis

Celina Su

Joan Mineri

Eliza Callahan

Yosef Ibrahim