Participatory Budgeting projects can be a wide range of projects. From school repairs, to storytelling gardens, to self-defense classes. District 39 runs PB for both capital projects (brick and mortar type projects) and expense projects (programming with local organizations).

We are no longer accepting ideas for Cycle 9.  If you submitted an idea and want to get involved in developing your ideas into projects, sign up here. Stay tuned for idea collection to start again in Fall 2020

All of the ideas are collected (both from online and in person assemblies and any other submissions) and then given to our delegate committees for deliberation. In these deliberations, we develop and narrow the ideas. So your ideas can be both broad or very specific, and everywhere in between (although specificity is certainly helpful). Not every idea will be chosen, but they all are considered. If you are interested in volunteering on a delegate committee, let us know here.

You can also see previously funded projects here to help kickstart some more ideas.

Note: Your name and email are not required, but please consider sending us your email so we can follow up with you about your idea. We will not use your email for anything else or add it to any other list.

Be sure to rate the project ideas and discuss them here!