Below is a map of past PB projects that have won, and where they are in their construction process.

Yellow markers are still in process, and you can check on their status from the agency

Green markers have been completed!  You can go out and see them!

2020 (Cycle 9) Projects

These projects were proposed last year, in Cycle 9, before the pandemic hit. Last spring, we were set to vote just as the pandemic hit, and we had to cancel PBNYC Vote Week. 

Capital Projects (total available to allocate: $1.5 million):

1. Accessible Playground at PS 372 ($600K)
2. Gym renovations at BNS/BCS ($100K)
3. Repaving walking paths in Prospect Park ($500K)
4. Library Laptops at Borough Park Library! ($76K)
5. Harness the Sun to Power Borough Park Library ($350K)
6. Indoor Plant Lab at PS 130 ($50K)

Expense Projects (total available to allocate: $50,000):

1. Destigmatize Periods: Peer-to-Peer Workshops, led by the Peer Health Exchange ($5,000)
2. Finally, Music for PS 124! Led by the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music ($15,000)
3. Arts & Job-Skills Program for Adults with Disabilities at the Pacific Library ($7,000)
4. Arts and Activities at Albemarle Playground, led by the Singing Winds ($15,000)
5. Bike Repair Station at Local Libraries