Below is a map of past PB projects that have won, and where they are in their construction process.

Yellow markers are still in process, and you can check on their status from the agency

Green markers have been completed!  You can go out and see them!

2019 projects

Capital Projects (total available to allocate: $1.5 million)

  1. Laptops for the Windsor Terrace and Borough Park Libraries ($152,000)
    Provide 48 laptops to increase community access to technology & info at the Windsor Terrace & Borough Park libraries
  2. ADA Playground Equipment at the Children’s School (P.S. 372) ($600,000)
    Innovative equipment for ADA-accessible playground at inclusion school to meet its students’ physical and social needs
  3. Smartboards for P.S. 282 ($85,000)
    15 Smartboards to empower teachers with tools to increase accessibility and engage students of varied learning styles
  4. Gym Renovation for Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies/Brooklyn New School ($100,000)
    Renovate K-12 Gymnasium to provide safe space for athletic events and community gatherings
  5. Indoor Plant Lab at P.S. 130 ($250,000)
    Hydroponics Lab would create hands-on learning for preK-2nd grade students and increase appreciation for plant science
  6. Repave the Walking Paths in Prospect Park Nethermead ($500,000)
    Repave the walking paths within the Nethermead of Prospect Park to provide smooth, accessible pathways to park goers
  7. Reconstruct the Pagoda in the Prospect Park Ravine ($750,000)
    Restore the historic covered pavilion in the Ravine, a structure for visitors in the heart of Prospect Park
  8. Install Solar Panels at the Carroll Gardens and Borough Park Libraries ($700,000)
    Install solar panels at BPL to generate local, clean energy and save money

Expense Projects (total available: $50,000)

  1. Peer-to-Peer Workshops for Middle Schoolers at M.S. 442 to Destigmatize Periods ($5,000)
    Bring Peer Health Exchange to train middle school students to lead peer to peer conversations to destigmatize menstruation, puberty, and consent
  2. Music and Movement Classes at P.S. 124 ($15,000)
    Bring Brooklyn Conservatory’s 12-week music & movement program to an elementary school currently without music teacher
  3. Arts & Job Skills Program at Pacific Library for Adults with Disabilities ($7,000)
    Year-long series of workshops for adults with disabilities in music, storytelling, art, gardening, and job skills
  4. Computer Classes for Kensington Seniors ($5,000)
    10-week computer basics and digital literacy for seniors in Kensington led by Older Adults Technology Services
  5. Cycling Classes for People with Disabilities ($19,000)
    Seasonal programming and free adapted bicycle rentals, helmets, and therapy for children and adults with disabilities
  6. Arts and Activities at Albemarle Playground ($15,000)
    Multicultural music and arts, fitness, sports, and activities for kids, teens and adults
  7. Bike Repair Station at Windsor Terrace and Borough Park Libraries ($2,100)
    Installation of a bike repair station with tools and tire pump in front of Windsor Terrace & Borough Park libraries